Protection (Life Assurance) Advice & Services

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Protecting Your Family

You can't rely on always being there for those who depend on you. That's why it's important to have the right cover in place to protect your loved ones. Its not just about having a life insurance, its about having the right arrangements in place to make sure that your family have peace of mind.

Our advisers are experienced in helping people like you put in place a strategy that gives you reassurance that you are doing the right thing by your family.

Protecting Your Income

Often people think that providing for their family starts and ends with life cover this is not true. Have you considered if you were unable to work due to a long term illness would your family's future still be secure? How long would your savings last?

Our advisers have many years experience in helping families producing a holistic plan to ensure that your family's future is secure.

Shareholder Protection

As a co-owner or shareholder if you or your business partner were to die or be diagnosed with a critical illness would your business continue smoothly? Could your partner or children carry on the business? Would your family receive a fair price for the shares?

Many of our clients are small business owners who we help them put in place appropriate measures to ensure the continuation and smooth running of their businesses.

Protection Services

Our protection services include:

  • Life assurance
  • Term assurance
  • Critical illness cover (CI)
  • Income protection
  • Whole of life
  • Mortgage protection
  • Business protection
  • Key man cover
  • Partnership protection
  • Shareholder protection
  • Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

For more information on any of these or our other financial services please call us on 01246 293 858 or email us on