Simplifying Investments

Investment portfolio management from AFS financial advisers Chesterfield and Sheffield

A Case Study on Investment Portfolio Consolidation

The Client’s Story

An elderly client, Mr S, had built up significant savings through the tax-efficient use of his ISA allowance. But like many others, he had used different product providers and his investments were spread widely.

Mr S received regular statements from all his investments. However, he found them confusing and hard to keep track of, so was looking to simplify his affairs.

Our Financial Advice

The simple act of consolidating all of Mr S’s investments into a single investment portfolio has enabled him to keep better track of his investments.

Rather than sell his various funds, we arranged for them to be re-registered under a single plan. This kept costs to a minimum, created the least amount of disruption and enabled the investments to keep their tax status.

Sometimes it is the simplest things that make a big difference.