An Alternative Source of Income in Retirement

Lifetime mortgage advice from AFS Chesterfield and Sheffield

A case study on retirement planning and lifetime mortgages

The Client’s Story

Like many pensioners, Mr A was having problems making ends meet. Over recent years he had been dipping into his savings, which were now running very low. His main asset was his family home, but as the property held many happy memories for him, he wanted to find a solution to his money worries without having to leave it.

Our Financial Advice

AFS carefully reviewed Mr A’s financial position and discussed the alternative options available to him. We recommended and arranged a Lifetime Mortgage enabling Mr A to draw down funds as and when he needs them.

Mr A is now able to continue living in his family home and release funds to maintain his standard of living. Mr A has peace of mind because he knows the funds are available when he needs them, and also knows that he is only paying interest on the amount he has draw down.

* This is a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks, ask for an illustration.